Brand Consultant

Brand Relations & Registration

The world is witnessing huge challenges in almost all business sectors from local to international business in different category of products & services. Similarly, brands are also facing challenges in day to day operations like what will be the strategy to implement to make a business successful, what kind of marketing a brand has to launch, how the financials can be prepared for better outcome, its presence & profitability etc. We propose a brand to get register with us so as to get the solution of all above said queries. There is two types of brands-

1. Traditional Brand

These are the brands working & available in market since long and some of them are already proved to be worthy of generating revenues whilst some are still struggling to reach out & increase their penetration. We help both the above types of brands – for case 1, we offer business growth by developing their presence in states & cities where they have not reached or explored their brand and for case2, we first understand the problem that why after so much of experience in same trade they are not able to grow. Our subject matter experts are consistently working on these types of business to make them grow and profitable by inculcating & implementing new techniques & processes.

2. Emerging Brand

These are the brands for which India was waiting since long, also called start ups. The emerging brands are having ability to take high risks and also on successful commercial launch, to attract investors or venture capitalists. There is no limit of ideas in human brain or in other words, a human brain can think of crores of ideas in a couple of seconds and that’s where emerging brands takes birth. Though, it is also true that most of the start ups are not doing well or successful but this is what the business is. Our dedicated team of expert is also working tirelessly on these brand fatigue problem and offering resolutions with detailed processes.

We are discussing with the brands on regular basis and somehow identified the gap between successful & unsuccessful businesses. Considering prevailing situations, Alliance Brand Ventures has worked tirelessly not only to understand the root cause of the same but also on how to address this critical yet solvable situation. The major identification is – Entrepreneurs are NOT taking right decisions at right time to avoid such downfalls. Brand fatigue is very high in nature due to lack of proper guidance, infrastructure & awareness on subjected matter

We are currently associated with brands who provides service & offering products in sectors like

  • Lifestyle
  • F&B
  • Market
  • Healthcare
  • Hotels
  • Co Work & Co Living Spaces
  • Large Format Retail & Hyper
  • Gym & Saloons
  • FMCG

Investor Relation & Registration

ABV believes in growing together. Our team of experts are always ready & eager to support investor’s up to last mile & offer customised services. Our team members are equipped with all the information & knowledge required to offer new business opportunities to our valuable clients. In most of the cases, new investors are not comfortable in sharing their actual pain area and hence we developed an analytical technique thru which we can understand the actual interest of our client which can be offered within his/her investment capacity. The registration process is very easy and it will help investors to understand the basics of new business & also how to deal with it to earn revenue.